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WPMet ElementsKit Pro - V3.3.0 NULLED

Version: 3.3.0 NULLED

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This list only shows little history changelog. See the full changelog of this item --> FULL CHANGELOG.
19 Jul 2023 - Version 3.3.0 NULLED
06 Apr 2023 - Version 3.2.1 NULLED

Fixed: Swiper v8.45 compatibility

Fixed: Advanced Tab Widget Enable URL Hash Issue

Fixed: Pause on Hover option doesn't work on the Video Gallery widget Carousel

Fixed: Stylish List description escaping issue

Fixed: Social profile URL on the popup of the Team Carousel Slider widget issue.

Fixed: Yelp Review feed issue

Improved: Advanced Slider Widget Js Optimize and New Controls Added like Thumbnail Scale, Loop Option, Speed.

Improved: Fancy Animated Text Support with an Advanced Slider widget

02 Mar 2023 - Version 3.2.0 NULLED

Added: Content Ticker widget

Added: Coupon Code Widget

Added: Particles Module

Added: New styles and features in Whatsapp Widget

Added: Icons for Dribble, Pinterest and Behance Feed Widgets

Fixed: Parallax Module support with Flex Container

Fixed: Maximum project per page is fixed at Dribble Feed Widget

Fixed: Breakpoints issue fixed for Advanced Slider Widget

Fixed: Parallax Module On Mouse Move effect for widget support with Container.

Fixed: Compatibility issues with Eduma theme

Improved: Accessibility for widgets and modules

20 Jan 2023 - Version 3.1.0 NULLED

Added: Audio Player Widget

Added: Flip Box Widget

Added: Image Morphing Widget

Added: Flex container support

Added: Carousel Slider controls to Blog Post Widget

Added: Ten new swap styles to Image Swap Widget

Fixed: Gallery Widget PHP warning issue

Fixed: Box-shadow arrow issue in Advanced Tooltip Module

Fixed: Swiper slider initial loading breaks columns

Fixed: Link getting duplicate for socials in Team Carousel Slider

Improved: Team Carousel Slider controls

Improved: Optimize JS for Behance Feed Widget

Improved: Widgets searching keywords for editor panel

Improved: Breadcrumb Widget styles and controls

Tweaked: Disable glare effect in Parallax Module

14 Dec 2022 - Version 3.0.0 NULLED

Added: Stylish List widget

Added: Team Carousel Slider widget

Added: Widgets Documentation URL

Fixed: Fancy Animated Text animation issues

Fixed: Board name more than one word doesn't fetch in Pinterest Feed widget

Fixed: Price Menu widget link doesn't work properly

Fixed: Button link not working properly in Image hover effect

Fixed: Arrow position in Video Gallery

Fixed: Flickering issue for Advanced tab content

Fixed: Advanced widgets issue with Table widget

Fixed: Testimonials slider not working inside advanced tab of OceanWP theme

Fixed: Fancy Animated Text Widget Text crop & Cursor gap issue

Fixed: Advanced tab widget vertical height issues

Fixed: Responsive issues in Video Gallery widget

Fixed: Firebase JWT conflict issue

Improved: Parallax module js

Improved: Vertical alignment in Advanced Tab widget

Improved: Fancy Animated Text Widget Visibility

Improved: Fancy Animated Text Widget Bar Loading Animation

Improved: Fancy Animated Text Widget SVG Shape left, Right Moved

Improved: Advanced Slider widget Progress-bar System & Slider Content Animation

Improved: Advanced Slider widget Slides Per View & Wrapper Padding

Improved: Filter spacing Control in Video Gallery widget

Tweaked: Image Overlay control in Blog Post widget

Tweaked: Advanced Slider widget Vertical & Image Thumbs

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Created 17-11-2020
Updated 19-07-2023
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