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BuddyBoss Theme - V2.0.4

Version: 2.0.4

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This list only shows little history changelog. See the full changelog of this item --> FULL CHANGELOG.
23 Jun 2022 - Version 2.0.4

* Notifications - Provided styling support for Web Push Notification from BuddyBoss Platform Pro

* Forums - Handled discussion reply showing wrong member name issue

* Messages - Small code refactoring to not save entity code in the DB for empty messages with just media

* Menus - Handled menu icon picker issues not showing legacy icons

* Menus - Small improvement to allow add a section for BuddyPanel menu settings only

* Login - Fixed double quotation mark not working issue on Login Page form placeholder

* Coding Standards - Menu and sub-navigation CSS Code refactoring

* Coding Standards - 2.0 specific code cleanup and refactoring

* Coding Standards - Code cleanup to centralize styling for buttons

* LearnDash - Handled expand action not working issue for single course page

* LearnDash - Handled scrolling issue for course page for device screen width between 820px and 768px

* WooCommerce - Handle single product screen categories UI issue

* Compatibility - Handled conflicts with a couple of third-party plugins

08 Jun 2022 - Version 2.0.3

* Theme Options - Handled maintenance mode page description field shortcode support issue

* Profiles - Handled UI issue when accepting connection request

* Forums - Small improvement to hide scrubber when reply count less than 10

* Coding Standards - Code refactoring to handle warnings and notices

* LearnDash - Handled currency not showing issue for closed access mode courses

* LifterLMS - Handled broken certificate template issue

* Events Calendar Pro - Handled past events not showing issue in search results

* Yoast SEO - Handled update profile action critical conflict in the admin dashboard

* Compatibility - Code refactoring to fix a bunch of PHP 8 compatibility issues

* Compatibility - Handled 'Thrive Architect' video compatibility issue

28 May 2022 - Version 2.0.2

* Notifications - Added icon support for notification avatar based on the notification type

* Blog - Enhanced style for blog posts screens

* Theme Options - Provided new color options for BuddyPanel

* Theme Options - Handled 404 page custom image not working issue

* Styling - Handled a bunch of miscellaneous styling issues for 1.0 and 2.0

* Styling - Handled blocks, input, and checkboxes border radius styling issues to keep consistent

* Styling - Handled button and input field hover and focus shadow styling issue to keep consistent

* Styling - Handled custom font not working issue for tooltips

* Styling - Handled table block alignment issue

* Styling - Handled vertical navigation layout issues for profile and group

* Header - Handled sub-menu dropdown color issue

* Header - Handled sub-menu dropdown multiple level layout issues

* Footer - Handled email icon not visible issue

* Profiles - Handled delete account warning style issue

* Profiles - Improved multi-select field in edit profile

* Profiles - Handled Custom Profile dropdown styling issue

* Groups - Handled long group name and group type string UI issue on single group screen

* Messages - Handled send message alignment issue

* Messages - Handled message thread dropdown read/unread hover UI issue

* BuddyPanel - Handled menu custom icon alignment issue

* BuddyPanel - Handled stick to bottom layout issue for sections

* Zoom - Handled group zoom screen layout issues

* Coding Standards - Code cleanup and refactoring

* Coding Standards - Handled icon library to load minified version

* LearnDash - Handled wrong course count issue when filter applied

* Elementor - Provided new skin for Profile Completion widget

* Elementor - Handled elementor icon conflict issue

* GamiPress - Handled members and connection widgets active members icon overlapping issue

* WooCommerce - Handled order details not working issue when product deleted

12 May 2022 - Version 2.0.1

* Theme Options - Handled header styles not showing issue when BuddyPanel not configured

* Menus - Handled page critical issue for icon picker updates

* Coding Standards - Small code refactoring for icons pack CSS file

* LifterLMS - Handled public lesson layout issue on the private network

29 Apr 2022 - Version 2.0.0

* Theme Options - Provided new template pack 2.0 with the fresh theme style

* Theme Options - Provided brand new 500+ icons pack with multiple icon styles

* Theme Options - Refactored and organized color options significantly

* Theme Options - Provided new multiple header styles

* Theme Options - Improved theme options screen layout

* Styling - Extended color options to more areas of the theme

* Styling - Improved style for 404 and Maintenance page

* Styling - Improved style for Login and Registration page

* Styling - Improved style for notices and pagination elements

* Menus - Provided option to add a section for BuddyPanel menu

* Menus - Provided option to set side panel menu for a mobile device specifically

* Menus - Updated icon picker modal to select icons from the new icon pack

* Gutenberg - Provided new BuddyPanel Gutenberg block

* Profiles - Updated Profile completion widget layout and markup

* Forums - Improved style for Forums, Discussions, and Replies significantly

* Network Search - Improved style for the search results screen

* Widgets - Improved style for Widgets

* LearnDash - Improved style for Courses

* Coding Standards - Handled significant style improvements and refactoring

* Compatibility - Handled MemberPress registration form TOS validation issue

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