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XStore - Responsive WooCommerce Theme - V8.1.6 NULLED

Version: 8.1.6 NULLED

Item cover for download XStore - Responsive WooCommerce Theme


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20 May 2022 - Version 8.1.6 NULLED
04 May 2022 - Version 8.1.5 NULLED
20 Apr 2022 - Version 8.1.4 NULLED

ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Pet Shop

ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Business 02

ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Water Delivery

ADDED: Posts Timeline Elementor widget

ADDED: Compatibility WooCommerce 6.4.1

ADDED: Hide parent product of variations (option) – Theme Options -> Header Builder -> Search (if search product variation option enabled)

IMPROVED: Product Status Filter widget with Variable products detach option

(forum topic)

IMPROVED: Vertical Timeline Elementor widget

IMPROVED: Posts, Posts Chess, Posts Tabs Elementor widgets with option to show posts by categories/tags

FIXED: Displaying count of brand for list type of Filter Products by Brands widget

FIXED: Newsletter popup built-in with Elementor builder widgets correct work (initialize styles/scripts of elements that are in popup) (forum topic)

FIXED: Elementor widgets in sidebar after ajax filters (forum topic)

FIXED: Single Product fixed image/fixed content didn’t work in some cases (forum topic)

FIXED: Import of the mobile menu

FIXED: Broken layout of single post (in some cases – when fixed footer enabled), CSS fixes

07 Apr 2022 - Version 8.1.3 NULLED
18 Mar 2022 - Version 8.1.2 NULLED
23 Feb 2022 - Version 8.1.1 NULLED

ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Minimal Electronics

IMPROVED: Compatibility of XStore Email Builder with WPML plugin

FIXED: Compatibility with All in One Product Quantity for WooCommerce Pro plugin (forum topic)

FIXED: Product Countdown

FIXED: First init of slider of Ajax Product Tabs Elementor Widget

FIXED: Lazy loading products of Ajax Product Tabs Elementor Widget

FIXED: Compatibility of Single Product Builder with YITH Booking and Appointment for WooCommerce Premium (forum topic)

FIXED: Brands for on single product page (forum topic)

FIXED: Breadcrumbs arrow in some cases (forum topic)

FIXED: Hotspot click action (forum topic)

FIXED: Products widget

FIXED: Custom URL of Single Product Builder Button element and custom URLs of Cart/Wishlist header elements

FIXED: Background image for Request a quote feature

FIXED: Images Lazy loading with Revolution Slider plugin (forum topic)

FIXED: Countdown Timer actions after expire on first init

FIXED: Warnings in admin panel with WPML plugin (forum topic)

FIXED: Products Ajax loading (forum topic)

FIXED: Pagination on search page results (when Ajax pagination on shop was enabled, forum topic)

FIXED: PHP notice on single product page in breadcrumbs (forum topic)

FIXED: Lazy loading in Elementor Pro Popups (forum topic)

FIXED: Elementor file cache after Static Blocks saving

FIXED: Translations of 8theme widgets

FIXED: Query monitor CSS dependencies

FIXED: Undefined function wc_get_page_permalink (forum topic)

FIXED: Shop per page option (forum topic)

01 Feb 2022 - Version 8.1 NULLED
13 Jan 2022 - Version 8.0.12 NULLED
15 Dec 2021 - Version 8.0.11 NULLED
25 Nov 2021 - Version 8.0.10 NULLED
02 Nov 2021 - Version 8.0.9 NULLED
22 Oct 2021 - Version 8.0.8 NULLED
08 Sep 2021 - Version 8.0.6 NULLED

ADDED: Title HTML Tag option for Banner with mask Elementor Widget

ADDED: Subtitle HTML Tag option for Banner with mask Elementor Widget

ADDED: Primary Attribute option

ADDED: facebook first,last names

ADDED: et_lazy_load_intermediate_size filter(force fix for lazy and wpb)

IMPROVED: Remove product from cart when selected zero quantity in popup added to cart

FIXED: Critical security vulnerability WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts Plugin (more details)

FIXED: Navigation bottom for 8theme Elementor widgets

FIXED: Price text option not saved correctly (Catalog mode options)

FIXED: Hide price option with ajax search results (hide price from search when option is enabled )

FIXED: Custom product hover styles

FIXED: Breadcrumbs notice when editing Elementor template

FIXED: Product title tags ( p -> h2 )

FIXED: Notices in account element custom menu

FIXED: Mobile menu toggle arrow actions

FIXED: google loginization

FIXED: deprecated block_editor_settings function

FIXED: facebook login by default wp functions

FIXED: category ajax filter

FIXED: Disable Gutenberg Styles option

FIXED: placeholder whan no image exist

FIXED: cart page variation whan swatches disabled

FIXED: product category accardion after ajax filter

FIXED: zoom vs lqip

UPDATED: now search does not register space at end and start of request

DEV: etheme_preload_woff_icons filter added

DEV: etheme_preload_woff2_icons filter added

12 Aug 2021 - Version 8.0.4 NULLED

ADDED: Popup after added to cart

ADDED: Mobile User-Scalable (option)

ADDED: Stretch product image (option)

ADDED: Menu dropdown cache (option)

ADDED: “etheme_ajax_search_products_sku” filter to show SKU on products in search results

ADDED: Account element in mobile panel

ADDED: Single product builder Import\Export

ADDED: Options for mega menus in menu/secondary menu element of header

IMPROVED: Multiple header/single product builder conditions

IMPROVED: Option for showing sale countdown for product on grid (single product options)

IMPROVED: YoastSEO breadcrumbs with theme styles

IMPROVED: Product added notification message (option with select of types now)

IMPROVED: Dokan plugin compatibility for new product options from vendor dashboard (brands, video)

FIXED: Sale countdown on SPBuilder

FIXED: XStore AMP settings sometimes not saved fully

FIXED: Elementor typography settings priority

FIXED: Product sale countdown in some cases (when on grid but switched with Ajax to list mode)

FIXED: Contacts header builder element with only icons without texts

FIXED: Menu open by click

FIXED: Mega menu static block in Elementor edit mode

FIXED: SPBuilder styles in customizer preview

FIXED: WooCommerce Pagination styles when shortcode used

FIXED: Products WooCommerce widget styles

FIXED: Quick view off-canvas styles in some cases if none off-canvas element used in header

FIXED: Header builder import\export

FIXED: Socials loginisation

06 Aug 2021 - Version 8.0.3 NULLED

ADDED: Fix for WooCommerce select2 when select have less then 5 items

ADDED: Compatibility Built-in Email Builder with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin

ADDED: header_account_link filter

ADDED: et_connect_block_inline_css filter

FIXED: Header compare element

FIXED: Compatibility with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate plugin (add to cart from shop page)

FIXED: Socials widget at static block page

FIXED: Single portfolio navigation

FIXED: Portfolio page masonry

FIXED: Lazy load for variation product slider

FIXED: Mobile menu

FIXED: Variation gallery

FIXED: Mobile header starts from option

FIXED: Single Product styles when product is draft

FIXED: All departments styles and few others header elements in some cases

FIXED: Post PHP notices on blog page

FIXED: Brands carousel image

FIXED: Product elements with Multiple Single Product Builder templates

FIXED: Mobile menu view with static blocks

FIXED: SPB content classes if shortcode

FIXED: Masonry products on products archive pages

FIXED: Mobile menu logo

FIXED: Blog carousel Elementor widget in preview

FIXED: Brands image on SPBuilder

FIXED: Accessibility errors with validators

FIXED: Scripts functions for custom styles (customCss())

FIXED: Video post styles on blog grid

FIXED: FaceBook social for validators

FIXED: Swiper scripts for Elementor background slideshow

16 Jul 2021 - Version 8.0 NULLED
13 Jun 2021 - Version 7.2.11 NULLED
29 May 2021 - Version 7.2.10 NULLED
16 May 2021 - Version 7.2.9 NULLED
02 May 2021 - Version 7.2.8 NULLED
02 Apr 2021 - Version 7.2.7 NULLED
20 Feb 2021 - Version 7.2.5 NULLED
28 Jan 2021 - Version 7.2.4 NULLED
26 Nov 2020 - Version 7.1.3 NULLED
04 Nov 2020 - Version 7.1 NULLED
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