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YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Premium - V3.1.0

Version: 3.1.0

Item cover for download YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Premium


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This list only shows little history changelog. See the full changelog of this item --> FULL CHANGELOG.
03 Apr 2022 - Version 3.1.0

* New: support for WooCommerce 6.4

* New: added option to allow enable or disable each add-on option

* New: added 'required' attribute for Selector instead using min/max selection

* Tweak: changed 'Select by default' feature of position

* Tweak: improved quantity of add-ons type Product with the add to cart option

* Update: YITH plugin framework

* Update: language and JS files

* Update: Color and Label JS files

* Fix: fixed NaN value when product is out of stock

* Fix: fixed conditional logic for default select value

* Fix: fixed the migration process due to incorrect value on abs function

* Fix: fixed replacement of default image when there is still a current option selected

* Fix: fixed add-ons calculation when "sell individually" add-ons exists

* Fix: fixed sell individually feature with selectors

* Fix: fixed addon image display with toggle enabled

* Fix: prevent error when image product on add-on type Product does not exist

* Fix: get initial product price depending on tax

* Fix: fixed WPML compatibility to show the add-ons correctly in each language

* Fix: fixed price calculation using quantity field

* Fix: prevent save vendor if the block is created by the admin

* Fix: fixed addon priority on migration process

* Dev: set multiple selection to checkbox add-ons on migration process

* Dev: added new template addons-container.php

* Dev: improved remove add-on option

* Dev: improved datepicker rules

* Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_default_addon_number'

* Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_get_addon_' to filter a specific option

* Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_get_original_product_id'

* Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_get_original_category_ids'

* Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_table_product_price_label'

* Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_table_total_options_label'

* Dev: removed selection type option for add-ons type 'Select'

* Dev: optimized JS code

* Dev: minor changes

* Remove: removed the product add-ons section from the admin product page

02 Apr 2022 - Version 3.0.2

* Update: YITH plugin framework

* Update: language and JS files

* Fix: Calculate total price when product quantity changes

* Fix: fixed 'show_in' option when there are existing categories assigned to the block on the migration process

* Fix: fixed image assigned to each option on the migration process

* Fix: fixed single selection for checkboxes

* Fix: fixed show of products and categories assigned in the block table

* Fix: fixed invalid argument for conditional logic method

* Fix: improved add-ons calculation for free options

* Fix: improved border radius to Color picker attributes

* Fix: previously removed blocks and add-ons are permanently removed

* Dev: added 'replace product image' feature compatibility for Elementor widgets

* Dev: improved add-ons views

* Dev: minor changes

01 Mar 2022 - Version 2.5.0
27 Jul 2021 - Version 2.0.2

* New: Support for WordPress 5.8

* New: Product type add-on price calculation method

* Update: IT & ES Translations

* Fix: Currency position in total table

* Fix: Number limits feature

* Fix: Upload required feature

* Fix: Multi upload problem

* Fix: Required files style

* Fix: Min-max feature design

* Fix: Replace image problem

* Fix: Ajax error

* Fix: Minor bugs

18 Mar 2021 - Version 1.5.35
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