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SEOPress PRO - Go further in your website SEO optimization - V5.0.4 NULLED

Version: 5.0.4 NULLED

Item cover for download SEOPress PRO - Go further in your website SEO optimization


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06 Aug 2021 - Version 5.0.4 NULLED

* NEW Edit homepage with universal SEO metabox

* INFO Disable Universal SEO metabox by default (will not affect users who already have version 5.0 of SEOPress)

* INFO Add an option to disable the universal SEO metabox from the configuration wizard

* INFO Strengthening security (thanks to Wordfence)

* FIX Add schema notification

* FIX Pixel counter for title and meta description

* FIX Notice: Undefined index: bestRating wp-seopress-pro/src/JsonSchemas/Review.php

* FIX WordPress < 5.0 compatibility (is_block_editor() error)

* FIX PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught TypeError: method_exists(): Argument #1 ($object_or_class) must be of type object|string, null given in wp-seopress/src/Actions/Admin/ModuleMetabox.php:44

* FIX Warning: Undefined variable $sp_seo_admin_menu in wp-seopress-pro/inc/admin/admin.php on line 134 (Multisite only)

01 Aug 2021 - Version 5.0.2 NULLED

* NEW Allow user to drag and drop the beacon

* INFO Allow users with edit_posts capability to use the universal SEO metabox in frontend

* FIX Fatal error:  Uncaught TypeError: method_exists() in some cases

* FIX Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function seopress_feature_save() (WP multisite only)

30 Jul 2021 - Version 5.0.0 NULLED

* NEW <strong>[HUGE]</strong> Universal SEO Metabox: edit your SEO from all page builders 

* NEW User modern interface 

* NEW SEOPress REST API (first iteration) 

* NEW Remove /product-category/ in your permalinks 

* NEW Add bestRating / worstRating properties for Review schema (including SoftwareApp)

* NEW Reset count column for Redirections

* NEW Bulk actions for Redirections (mark as 301, 302, 307, 410, 451)

* NEW IP Logging options for Redirections with anonymization IP

* NEW Add Referrer column in Redirections if available

* NEW 'seopress_lb_widget_html' hook to filter Local Business HTML widget (

* NEW 'seopress_can_enqueue_universal_metabox' hook to disable the SEO beacon (

* NEW 'seopress_404_ip' hook to filter IP for 404 monitoring (

* NEW 'seopress_sitemaps_html_product_cat_query' hook to filter product categories query in HTML sitemap (

* NEW Translation for "Author:" for Breadcrumbs

* NEW Notification if Swift Performance is caching your XML sitemap

* NEW Order products by category in HTML sitemap

* NEW Check if a target keyword is already used with our Content Analysis feature

* INFO Improve nofollow links analysis

* INFO Automatically strip protocol / domain name when adding a redirection origin

* INFO Add VetenaryCare subtype to Local Business schema (automatic / manual)

* INFO Add Quick tags to meta description template in global title settings

* INFO Allow webp images for Facebook / Twitter metas

* INFO Update i18n

* FIX Headings analysis issues

* FIX Notices in Redirections

* FIX IP logging in Redirections

* FIX Send full post thumbnail URL in XML sitemaps (props @cookingwithdog)

* FIX Close and Edit cookies button for WPML / Polylang configuration file

* FIX Warning preg_match(): Unknown modifier if "/" in category permalink structure

* FIX CSS conflict with Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce

* FIX Compatibility issue with Thrive Builder

* FIX Add @id property to Service schema (automatic / manual)

* FIX Fatal error in rare cases: Uncaught TypeError: end()

* FIX Cookie bar secondary button options

* FIX Google Analytics stats in dashboard slowdowns

* FIX Hide SEO columns in post type list if Advanced toggle is disabled

* FIX PHP 8 oembed notice

* FIX Quick tag buttons in Titles and Metas settings page

* FIX Broken link checker in specific cases

22 May 2021 - Version 4.7.0 NULLED
02 May 2021 - Version NULLED
27 Mar 2021 - Version NULLED
06 Mar 2021 - Version NULLED
19 Feb 2021 - Version NULLED
17 Feb 2021 - Version NULLED
13 Feb 2021 - Version 4.4.0 NULLED
22 Jan 2021 - Version NULLED
16 Jan 2021 - Version 4.3.0 NULLED
08 Jan 2021 - Version 4.2.2 NULLED
18 Dec 2020 - Version 4.2.1 NULLED
13 Dec 2020 - Version 4.2 NULLED
17 Nov 2020 - Version 4.1.6 NULLED
11 Nov 2020 - Version 4.1.5 NULLED
06 Nov 2020 - Version 4.1.4 NULLED
01 Nov 2020 - Version 4.1.3 NULLED
01 Nov 2020 - Version 4.1.3 NULLED
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