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Astra WordPress Theme - V3.7.2

Version: 3.7.2

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16 Sep 2021 - Version 3.7.2

- Fix: Incorrect Site Background Color on pages with Full Width layout.

15 Sep 2021 - Version 3.7.1

Fix: Gutenberg - Group Block appearing full width on frontend.

03 Sep 2021 - Version 3.6.9

- Improvement: In the font size option, users cannot set the value '0'.

- Improvement: Introduced filter to exclude anchor links from text-decoration style. ( )

- Improvement: Clear asset cache of theme and addon on every new update of the theme.

- Improvement: Moved addon related Toggle for Desktop frontend-pro.js file from theme to the addon.

- Improvement: Moved the 'Site Icon' control to a separate section, 'Site Identity'.

- Fix: Auto-scroll not working on clicking Footer Builder in the customizer preview.

- Fix: WooCommerce - Cart icon not appearing correctly on Tablet & Mobile devices.

- Fix: Dropdown target as a link not working if the menu item has a link.

- Fix: WooCommerce - Cart count is overlapping on submenu section.

- Fix: The submenu toggle is not working when 'Flyout Menu' is used, and the page is resized.

- Fix: Customizer color group control's reset position misaligned.

- Fix: Desktop logo width is applying on the mobile devices during page load.

- Fix: Social icon does not change in the customizer preview.

- Fix: Gutenberg Editor content area showing white background color when Full-Width Contained / Stretched layout is active.

- Deprecated: Builder - Account Element - Deprecated transparent header's responsive options for menu colors.

30 Jul 2021 - Version 3.6.7

- Improvement: Rendered Addon dependent toggle code conditionally and removed unwanted code.

- Improvement: Changed the screen reader text tag from 'h2' to 'span' for better SEO.

- Fix: Changing Off-canvas flyout close button color not reflecting on frontend.

- Fix: Broken layout WooCommerce Shop/Archive page on mobile view when using elementor template or Product archive widget.

- Fix: Next and Previous pagination button is not aligned with page numbers for mobile view.

- Fix: Added dynamic breakpoint support for the responsive view of the sidebar and main content.

- Fix: Heading color h1-h6 of customizer not working in the Gutenberg editor.

- Fix: Global headings font family not working in the Gutenberg editor.

- Fix: Footer Builder - Widgets - Right margin space not working. ( )

- Fix: Search icon color is not applying to the Standard and Transparent Header Search Box style.

- Fix: Removed the spacing applied for the menu items in the customizer section.

- Fix: Builder - WooCommerce & EDD cart - Cart and Checkout buttons not visible when multiple products added to cart flyout.

- Fix: Builder - Social Icons - Tiktok icon not appearing in customizer and on frontend.

- Fix: 'Disable Footer' option is missing in Page meta settings for new Header Footer builder.

- Fix: Removed 'Disable Footer Widgets' option in Page meta settings for new Header Footer builder.

- Fix: Sidebar block editor width changes on the widgets page.

- Fix: Off-canvas menu closes on scrolling on mobile devices.

- Fix: Customizer builder section not scrollable when multiple elements dropped in builder area.

- Fix: Theme's default margin space of OL tag apply to Elementor's TOC widget. ( )

- Fix: Menu dropdown icons showing at incorrect position in RTL languages.

- Fix: “Search” string in Search Form is not translatable.

- Fix: Transparent header showing border even if it is not set from customizer in FireFox browser.

18 Jun 2021 - Version 3.6.0
03 Jun 2021 - Version 3.4.7
26 Apr 2021 - Version 3.3.3
10 Apr 2021 - Version 3.3.2
09 Apr 2021 - Version 3.3.1
23 Mar 2021 - Version 3.2.0
18 Jan 2021 - Version 3.0.1
15 Jan 2021 - Version 3.0.0
27 Nov 2020 - Version 3.0.0-beta.1
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