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WP-Lister Pro for eBay - V3.2.10

Version: 3.2.10

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WP-Lister connects your WooCommerce site with your eBay Store. You can select multiple products right from your products page, select a profile to apply a set of predefined options and list them all on eBay with just a few clicks.

We worked hard to make WP-Lister easy to use but flexible. The workflow of listing items requires not a single click more than necessary. Due to its tight integration in WordPress, you will will feel right at home.

Go ahead and download the free version from or buy WP-Lister Pro for eBay right away. Have a look on the feature comparison to see how WP-Lister Pro can save you even more time.

manage any number of listings from WP
set up a profile once and apply to multiple products
verify items and get expected listing fees
sync inventory between eBay and WordPress
create eBay orders in WooCommerce
choose categories from eBay and your eBay Store
map your custom categories to eBay categories
national and international shipping options
supports calculated shipping services
best offer options and private listings
support for product variations
unique feature to split variations into single items
create custom listing templates using WordPress post editor
built in template editor with HTML / CSS syntax highlighting
template engine supports color pickers, custom php code and more
download and upload listing templates as zip files
eBay account
WooCommerce 2.2 or better
WordPress 4.0 or better
PHP 5.3 or better with cURL support
decent webspace hosted on a linux server
not hosted with an incompatible hosting provider
single language site – multilingual sites are not supported and neither are multisite networks!
no more than approx. 10,000 products – depending on your server
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28 May 2022 - Version 3.2.10

* Tweak: Display the item specifics for the default mapped category on new listings

* Tweak: The "Clean policies" operation now includes prepared and verified listings

* Tweak: Load a default list of shipping packages in case the eBay API returns an empty result

* Fixed: Revert stock changes made on active orders that have been cancelled

* Fixed: Category Special Features (additional Item Conditions) not getting downloaded and displayed in the profile page

* Fixed: Possible error "Call to undefined method stdClass::getListingDuration()" when updating orders

* Fixed: Possible error "Call to undefined method stdClass::setSellerProfiles()" when clearing policies

* Fixed: Possible warning "Undefined property stdClass::$PictureDetails" in the WP-Lister Listings table

* Fixed: Use the AspectUsage property to display required/recommended item specifics

* Fixed: Issue with very long values of the ShippingAddress_City field

* Fixed: Fixed an incorrect code and category tree ID for the eBay Motors site

* Fixed: Check for the GuzzleHttp\describe_type function to prevent "cannot redeclare" error

* Dev: Get the ListingDuration by accessing the property instead of using the method

* Dev: Added the filter wple_activate_profile_update_checkboxes to change the behavior of the checkboxes in the Edit Profile screen to be off by default

08 May 2022 - Version 3.2.9

* Fixed: Improved loading times by making sure that fetchCategorySpecifics() caches the data fetched from ebay

* Fixed: Issue where you could see the message "eBay does not allow attribute values longer than 65 characters" even though the item specific in question were not longer than 65 characters

* Fixed: Rare issue where a product's stock level could be set to 0 when updating the product in WooCommerce

* Dev: Added filter wple_item_specifics_cache_lifetime

* Dev: Compatible with WooCommerce 6.4.1

21 Feb 2022 - Version 3.2.7

* New: Record and store tax tracking number for Norway orders (VOEC No.)

* Tweak: Try to determine if WP-Lister should apply the DoesNotApply text to missing item specifics based on the aspect_required property

* Fixed: Mapped categories not displaying correctly in the Product Edit page

* Fixed: Templates per page not getting saved

* Fixed: PHP Error: Call to a member function getAspects() on null

* Fixed: PHP Error: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

* Fixed: PHP Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$oauth_token

* Dev: WC_Order_Item_Tax::set_rate_percent() is not available in WooCommerce 3.6

* Dev: Compatible with WooCommerce 6.2

05 Feb 2022 - Version 3.2.6

Fixed: Possible conflict with other plugins that bundle the Guzzle HTTP library: "Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function GuzzleHttp\choose_handler()"

04 Feb 2022 - Version 3.2.5

* Fixed: Token expiry date getting overwritten when updating ebay account

* Tweak: Check for expired OAuth tokens and refresh if necessary prior to performing an API request

30 Jan 2022 - Version 3.2.3

* Fixed: Issue where WP-Lister would be applying the template again and again

* Fixed: Check for OAuth Error #930 and retry the call if necessary

* Fixed: Tagify not allowing any options to be selected

* Fixed: Load the default account if none is provided

* Fixed: Updated the composer.json and Guzzle package to fix the missing method error 

* Dev: Store the prices_include_tax in the order meta applying the wple_orderbuilder_prices_include_tax filter

01 Jan 2022 - Version 3.1.4

* New: Include custom attributes in the GTIN dropdowns

* New: Added new setting to refund line taxes from the order

* New: Added support for dismissible notices, including warnings about outdated PHP versions

* New: Display important announcements like important new features or critical fixes as dismissible notices

* Tweak: Increase the number of concurrent batches when processing a big number of queued listings

* Fixed: Store the shipping phone number from eBay

* Fixed: Image slider and thumbnail editor files were not getting loaded on preview

* Fixed: Updated support for WooThumb's new way of storing the variation images

* Fixed: Check to make sure itmSpecs_value is an array before accessing it

* Fixed: PHP Warning: undefined index "action"

* Dev: Added new function wple_get_custom_attributes()

* Dev: Added filter wple_duplicate_product_excluded_meta to modify or remove the excluded product meta when duplicating WC products

* Dev: WooCommerce 6.0 compatible

11 Dec 2021 - Version 3.1.3

* Tweak: Updated IT language file

* Fixed: Tax number in shipping address could be overwritten on order update

* Fixed: Get the correct value for geteBaySalesTaxTotal() from the eBayCollectAndRemitTaxes container

* Fixed: Fatal error trying to access wc_product from ListingsModel::autoRelistItem()

* Fixed: Possible division by zero fatal error

* Dev: Added the function wple_archive_item()

* Dev: Updated the translation files and the strings.php index file

26 Nov 2021 - Version 3.1.2

* New: Added a setting to record IOSS from eBay orders (beta)

* Tweak: Tell action-scheduler to process more rows if there are a lot of listings in the queue

* Fixed: Inventory checks returning false positives when Out of Stock Threshold and Max Quantity are used together

* Fixed: Revise all Changed action should include listings with errors

* Fixed: Set the IncludeeBayProductDetails property based on the profile setting "Use Catalog Details"

* Fixed: Shipped/Unshipped order filter not showing the correct listings

* Fixed: Apply profile tax rate to shipping line items

* Fixed: Error "Attempt to assign property on null"

* Dev: Allow sites to use the get_bundle_stock_quantity method

* Dev: Added patches to the EbatNS library to be able to pull eBayCollectAndRemitTaxes data from orders

07 Nov 2021 - Version 3.1.1

* Tweak: Automatically set the default account if there's only 1 account available

* Tweak: Removed 10 and 14 days return options as these are no longer available

* Fixed: Improved Product Bundles support: Update bundle quantity when child components are updated

* Fixed: Inventory check fix to take into account Out of Stock Threshold and Max Quantity in the profile

* Fixed: Convert data from the Tagify library prior to saving

* Fixed: Inconsistent number of orders in the eBay order views

* Fixed: Broken ebay_store_category_id template shortcode

* Dev: Set the ATUM Multi-Inventory hooks to the highest priority as suggested by their support staff

* Dev: Added filter wple_update_custom_order_status

29 Oct 2021 - Version 3.1

* New: Added new setting options to assign custom payment methods to orders created from eBay

* New: Added support for refurbished item conditions for categories where available

* New: Added support for YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking plugin

* Fixed: Pulling in specific orders from eBay was not always passing the order numbers correctly

* Fixed: Modal window scrolling on Edit Product page due to 3rd party plugin CSS conflict

* Fixed: Error when accessing site_id when an account was removed from WP-Lister

* Fixed: Make sure that the cron checking warning message is visible on all pages

* Fixed: Clear flashed messages after display

* Fixed: "Other" payment method not getting saved

* Fixed: ATUM Product Levels support

* Dev: Set the request version to 1213 for GetOrders calls to get access to IOSS data

* Dev: Added hook wple_find_matching_tracking_provider

* Dev: Added filter wple_get_conditions_for_category

13 Oct 2021 - Version 3.0.5

Fixed: GetItem updates failing due to the new watch_count property

09 Sep 2021 - Version 3.0.3

* Tweak: Store "Import Charge" as a separate order fee record 

* Tweak: Trigger action scheduler when background tasks are triggered via external cron run

* Fixed: If there is no SKU provided do not attempt to match inventory by SKU 

* Fixed: Price and quantity check for variable products was not checking prices correctly in some cases

* Fixed: Possible warnings when accessing product attributes caused by an unexpected attribute format

* Dev: Added try/catch to handle possible exceptions thrown by wc_create_refund()

21 Apr 2021 - Version 2.9.5
26 Mar 2021 - Version 2.9.4
12 Jan 2021 - Version 2.9
07 Nov 2020 - Version 2.8.2
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