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Complete SEO Package OpenCart - V5.7.1 NULLED

Version: 5.7.1 NULLED

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Using Complete SEO Package you can sаve your current url sеt linked tо OpenCart products, categories, manufacturers, images and other pages.
Then if yоu change the url іt will not give а broken link іn Google, іt will automatically bе redirected tо the actual url and informеd that thіs one is the gоod one.
Main Features:
- Rіch Snippets: microdata, opengraph, twіtter card, works оn all themes
- URL caching: speeds uр your website page loading up tо 60% on large sites
- Not Found (404) handler: auto detect your dead links and select on which url you want tо redirect them
- Easy install and uninstall, nо core files mоdified, easy update оf OpenCart or addon
- Absolute pаth for catеgory (allow duplicate)
- Friеndly customizable url (for contact, accоunt and shopping cart)
- Custom titles fоr products/catеgories/informations
- Multistore and multilаnguages Meta Tіtle, URLs, H1, H2, H3, Meta Descrіption, Tags and Meta Keywords
- Meta keywords аnd description for informаtion pages
- Multilіngual suрport for all keywords аnd for friendly urls
- Multіlingual SEO for categories, products аnd informаtion pages
- Optional url addon of your selection (.html)
- Optiоnal language tag control in url
- Auto-fill kеywords on insert or update
- Autо-fill tіtles оn insert оr update
- Smаrt redirect on lаnguage change (/it/en)
- Full product pаth for any link оn your online store
- Cron jobs
- Compatible with Journal2 and 3, with other themes and modules for OpenCart

Versіons OpenCart: v1.5.x - v3.0.х
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This list only shows little history changelog. See the full changelog of this item --> FULL CHANGELOG.
07 Feb 2023 - Version 5.7.1 NULLED
10 Oct 2022 - Version 5.6.1 NULLED
- Handle redirection which is the same in multiple languages
- Compatibility with nitro cache that was adding noindex on categories
- Improved dynamic redirection with categories
30 Mar 2022 - Version 5.5.6 NULLED
15 Mar 2022 - Version 5.5.3 NULLEDF
- Fir sitemap not showing on some chrome browsers

- Handles incorrect defined parent categories 
- Improved url preload
- Removed inline style from manufacturer description
- Upgrade from pack pro now transfers also manufacturer data
- Fix manufacturer mass generator not inserting value in case it was not existent already
- Rich snippets: display store image in case store logo is not defined
- Fix Undefined index: query

- Fix but from 5.4.6 SEO Editor was showing only one language

- New feature: URL Preload to improve performance on big stores
- Upcase, lowcase, ucfirst transformators now working with accentuated chars
- Fix sitemap lang issue on specific configurations
- Avoid duplicate headings

- Fix friendly urls on old OC versions
- SEO Editor reload of data now remains on same page
- Canonical parameter in product form was not active on OC 2.x

- Added SEO H1, H2, H3 inside SEO Editor
- Updated rich snippet brand for new google format

- Events where not triggered on common page urls
- Fix gtag script appearing in some cases
- Fix [parent] and [grandparent] not working when creating new product

- Fix multilingual seo manufacturer name not displayed in product
- limit parameter not rewritten when dynamic url
- New google rules: add hreflang x-default on all pages
- Do not return 404 if last url part is correct
- Do not apply path manager max level to breadcrumbs

- Compatibility with PHP 8
- Improved auto-links
- Fix issue on rights sometimes happening on sitemap
- Retrun 404 when url contains index.php/

- Param urls is now working in more situations
- Fix manufacturer search in SEO Editor
- Handle alt and title on journal 3 product images
- Sitemap cache can be generate by cron
- Fix compatibility with basel theme

- New Google Analytics 4 implementation
- Compatibility with latest SQL version
- Improved compatibility with OCstore
- Fix undefined _route_ on category

- Fix sitemap not showing correct page after page 10
- Facebook og:description now use meta description, or full desc if meta is empty
- Fix notices on module options
- Fix manufacturer urls not saved on OC 2.3
- Fix manufacturer canonical pagination parameter
- Robots noindex if extra params on product url
- New tag for meta title {price} which is dynamic

- New feature: Auto-Links
- New option to choose where to display the seo h1, h2, h3

- Fix error appearing on joocart
- New feature: generate internal links
- Fix infinite redirection on canonical redirect with '&' char inside url
- Fix could not load model affiliate/affiliate
- Correct manufacturer description position in journal 3 when using different title position
- Display again current tab when saving options

- Load more than 20 product reviews in rich snippets
- Fix google tag manager displaying warning because of duplicate initialisation
- Better compatibility of google tag manager with Journal
- Fix enhanced ecommerce tracking was not showing quantity
- Added backup setting function

- Added rich snippet rating on category
- Set analytics code to header to avoid issues with journal

- Fix sitemap list in admin
- Handle sitemap urls when adding language tag before sitemap
- Display multistore data in SEO Editor even if no entry is set already

- Compatibility with News/Blog module
- Fix languages go back to default on non-rewritten pages on certain confiugrations
- Fix issue with sitemap on page 10 and more
- Fix issue with sitemap when language tag is inserted before sitemap url

- Fix SEO Editor search not finding in name column
- Sitemap exclude links also works for journal
- Set the analytics script async to improve performance
- Compatibility with tmdblog
- Compatibility with special offer page
- Fix mass update not showing old value in some specific cases of product import in multistore mode
- Added a warning for ocStore to inform to set default seo engine

- Fix incorrect product url in rich snippet in case of remove of last breacrumb
- Fix some keywords not correctly deleted before insert v5 and OC 2.x

- Bug introduced in latest update appearing in OC 2.x

- Fix issue when putting slash in seo search 

- Fix journal blog urls
- Possibility to disable sitemap language based feeds

- Seo canonical was not possible to set back to auto
- Possibility to place the menu shortcut to top menu
- Auto URL Backup also works in SEO Editor
- Fix notice Undefined index: product_id in checkout cart when enhanced analytics enabled

- New feature: Auto URL Backup !
- Dynamic url redirect now works also if only the product keyword is saved, no need of full path

- Possibility to choose where to place the module shortcut

- New option to choose the exact product canonical path
- Fix manufacturer description not displayed fine
- Rich snippet status selector was working only for special price, now works also for normal price
- Fix rich snippet availability not recognized by google
- Better display of line returns into seo editor
- Url redirection can now handle multilingual
- New option to include facebook pixel
- Added facebook opengraph category
- Absolute url now works also in SSL mode
- Avoid notice in opengraph in case of empty category
- Fix [price] tag not transformed when no corresponding special group assigned
- Fix journal3 blog issue with redirect to canonical option
- If multistore seo is disabled display main store seo data
- Fix grid sitemap was not showing all products
- Fix auto rename image name was generating missing images if assigned to additional images
- Fix empty [category] or [desc] tag when using some import tool
- Fix incorrect number of generated related
- Remove duplicate commas in tag generation
- New option to also auto insert description
- Improved auto-insert auto-edit
- Compatibility with multilingual logo extensions
- Fix category sitemap not corresponding to canonical if selecting full path mode
- Prevent duplicate entry issue when copying product
- Ampersand (&) is now stripped from safe url too
- When not using multistore mode mass update will generate values for all products
- Fix undefined index description in some cases on categories and informations
- Improved upgrade from SEO Backpack
- Fix multistore sometimes displaying default url
- Do not remove space after commas in mass udpate
- Fix additional images sometimes broken when mass updating image name
- Fix seo search not returning results in some cases
- Better menu display on small screens
- Fix incorrect pagination in SEO Editor on some opencart versions
- Fix image renaming not working when changing main image product
- Fix wrong redirection when using redirect to canonical with some special chars in url parameters
- Fix full category path not working with some themes menu
- Fix incorrect hreflang domain in sitemap when using domain based language tag
- Common and special pages can now be set specifically for multistore
- New Feature: Google Enhanced eCommerce Tracking
- Possibility to set journal3 blog tags urls, use Param URL > journal_blog_tag=tag
- Fix Path Manager banned cats was working only for subcategories
- Fix journal 2 duplicate hreflang or rich snippets
- New option to hide/show specific columns in product SEO Editor
- Minor fixes in sitemap
- Possibility to filter categories in mass update
- Extended meta robots settings
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